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The legendary and former Inc500 YETI builds the world's best coolers for heavy outdoor use. They're beautiful, and so strong even bears can't break it.

Just like their products, our work had to be flawless, enduring and great-looking. As the great mailchimp agency we are, we went the extra mile as usual, gave them the best possible holiday marketing performance, integrated Mailchimp into every bit of their process, from BigCommerce to Social, and contributed to their major website redesign ever.


DDC is the cream of the crop in terms of solution partners.  We came to them with an aggressive holiday plan that contained many moving parts (contests, promos, social media, email marketing) with complex timing.

With an "always available" attitude (even on Sundays!) - they got the job done with extremely high quality.  In addition, they came to us with proactive recommendations to make our website better. 

The result?  300% growth YoY in our revenue during the holiday season. Thank you!

Sara Kenton, Marketing Director

Key Results


The weeks it took to full ROI on the campaign.


Year on Year growth with our Holiday Marketing Campaign


No Grizzlies were harmed during this project.


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